Switch Lifetime Sales Have Now Passed PS4 in Japan

Switch Lifetime Sales Have Now Passed PS4 in Japan

Nintendo is now the hardware king once again in Japan as the Switch has finally surpassed the PS4.

We’ve been waiting for this moment to come for awhile now, but it has now officially happened. As of this week, the Nintendo Switch has now surpassed the PS4 for the most consoles sold over in Japan.

According to Famitsu’s newest sales charts, the Switch now sits at 8,125,637 units sold in total in Japan. This number surpasses the combined total of both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, which collectively has now sold 8,077,756 units.

Again, this seemed like it was going to happen sooner or later in Japan given the trajectory of sales for the Switch in Japan. That said, it’s still staggering in the grand scheme of things just how quickly this came about. The PS4 launched in Japan in February of 2014 while the Switch landed in March of 2017. So despite having a three-year head start, Sony and the PS4 were still passed by the Switch.

Given Japan’s propensity for portable platforms, this isn’t all that shocking. Past handheld devices like the PSP and 3DS have done incredibly well in the region and it always seemed likely from the first reveal of the Switch that it would be a device destined to do well in Japan.

While Nintendo might once again be back on top in Japan, it likely will never surpass the worldwide sales of the PS4. As it stands, the Switch is still on a phenomenal trajectory with worldwide sales as well but to end up clearing the mark that the PS4 will leave after all is said and done seems quite unlikely. Still, at least Nintendo can now have bragging rights in its home territory, assuming Sony doesn’t end up leaping over them again in the future.