Thumper Rhythm Game Brings Rumble Violence to Switch This Spring

Prepare for the anxiety-ridden rhythm game's launch on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2017. HD Rumble support has been confirmed.

One of the most recent indie releases to be announced for the Nintendo Switch is none other than the game about a space beetle and rhythm violence. It’s Thumper.

According to Thumper‘s official Twitter account, the game that gave us hellish nightmares about a giant head’s constant approach will no longer be only for those who own a PlayStation 4 or PC.

Thumper is a rhythm game that takes classic rhythm mechanics and throws them at players at blinding speed. A VR version of the game has been released for PlayStation VR and through Steam. However, as Switch will not be a VR compatible device, the game will be offering a different peripheral element.

Drool, the game’s developer, will be utilizing the Switch’s Joy-Con controller HD rumble function to further enhance the already psychedelic experience.

Thumper will be releasing this Spring, alongside a few other Switch indie releases including indie title Pocket Rumble, which will be a console exclusive to the platform.

Jordan Loeffler

Jordan is a Staff Writer at DualShockers, where he covers the latest in indies and collectibles. He has a degree in Creative Writing from University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. He is currently based out of Portland, OR.

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