Thumper Rhythm Game Brings Rumble Violence to Switch This Spring

Prepare for the anxiety-ridden rhythm game's launch on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2017. HD Rumble support has been confirmed.

on February 28, 2017 9:10 PM

One of the most recent indie releases to be announced for the Nintendo Switch is none other than the game about a space beetle and rhythm violence. It’s Thumper.

According to Thumper‘s official Twitter account, the game that gave us hellish nightmares about a giant head’s constant approach will no longer be only for those who own a PlayStation 4 or PC.

Thumper is a rhythm game that takes classic rhythm mechanics and throws them at players at blinding speed. A VR version of the game has been released for PlayStation VR and through Steam. However, as Switch will not be a VR compatible device, the game will be offering a different peripheral element.

Drool, the game’s developer, will be utilizing the Switch’s Joy-Con controller HD rumble function to further enhance the already psychedelic experience.

Thumper will be releasing this Spring, alongside a few other Switch indie releases including indie title Pocket Rumble, which will be a console exclusive to the platform.

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