Switchblade Leaves Early Access This Month and It’s Free to Play on PS4 and PC

Switchblade Leaves Early Access This Month and It’s Free to Play on PS4 and PC

Developer Lucid Games has today announced that their 5v5 action MOBA title Switchblade is coming to PS4 and PC January 22 and you won't have to pay a penny for it

Indie development studio, Lucid Games, has today announced that their 5v5 action MOBA Switchblade will be launching on PS4 and also PC. Players won’t have long to wait as they’ll be able to jump in on January 22. To sweeten the deal, Switchblade will also be free to play across both platforms.

Switchblade plays to a world set into the future where armed vehicles are geared up with powerful and deadly weapons as you go going head to head against your enemy and clearing out bases in the process. The game sees two teams of 5 compete in a frantic battle as players work together to take down enemy towers. Players have the choice in two vehicles at the start of each match and if you don’t like your chosen automobile, then you can swap it for another even in the middle of battle. With each vehicle offering a different skill on the field, there shouldn’t be any problem finding the right one for how you want to play.

Lucid Games has stated that they will be bringing in more content and support for the title in the coming months that will include new vehicles, maps, modes, cosmetics, and some other items that they have yet to reveal.

You can always take part in the Switchblade community by heading over to the forums and Discord to get involved in developments and chat with other players or jump over to the titles Twitter page.

Switchblade will be available on PS4 and PC January 22. Take a look at some screenshots of the game below: