Switchblade is MOBA Meets Twisted Metal, Closed Beta Available for PC and PS4 Next Week

Switchblade is MOBA Meets Twisted Metal, Closed Beta Available for PC and PS4 Next Week

Lucidgames' mobile MOBA Switchblade will be coming to PC and PS4 in Closed Beta ahead of its free-to-play Q1 2018 launch.

If you’ve ever wondered how Twisted Metal would feel in MOBA form, Lucid Games has stepped up to the plate to answer that question. The UK-based developers (likely best known for their work in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and porting Goat Simulator for consoles) has revealed that their battle-car based MOBA Switchblade will begin testing out their closed beta next week for both PC and PS4.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Switchblade — the game was first revealed in September 2017 with an announcement trailer (which now doubles as their “Beta Trailer”) below. However, little has been heard about the game until earlier today when the PlayStation Blog conducted an interview with the Lucid Games team.

First and foremost, Lucid Games revealed that Switchblade will be entering Closed Beta beginning next week — Monday, January 22, 2018. Of course, if you are interested in signing up for the closed beta you can do so at the signup page.

The game consists of a 5v5 team where players have to take down enemy towers by bringing mobs to them — you know, the core concept of every MOBA. However, the addition of cars aims to bring added mobility to the genre in a similar way that Rocket League influenced the standard soccer/hockey/basketball games.

Additionally, Lucid Games has re-affirmed that they will be releasing Switchblade as a free-to-play experience. According to the Creative Director Craig Howard, this is to lower the hurdle of entry into the game (seeing how they are trying to establish a fresh IP sport). And for anyone waiting for the full release, you can expect to see it around “the end of Q1 2018.” However, Lucid Games stressed that this is not a surface-level beta, and they will be making tweaks and improvements on feedback form the community.

As mentioned above, Switchblade will release on PC and PS4 around the end of Q1 2018. Meanwhile, you can try an get in the beta for next week by following the link above. Also, check out the reveal trailer and image gallery: