Switchblade Monkeys Reveals New Characters and Maps Coming to Secret Ponchos this Month

on February 6, 2015 9:01 PM

Indie developer Switchblade Monkeys has revealed today The Hunting Ground update that will be adding new characters and maps to their spaghetti western arena shooter, Secret Ponchos.

Yousuf Mapara, CEO and Creative Director at Switchblade Monkeys, posted the details on the PlayStation Blog today, providing the game with a mix of free and paid content. Two new maps are being added called The Mines and Plaza, providing two new distinct locations that require different tactics for success. Both maps will be free when they are released.

The Hunting Ground update also brings two new characters into Secret Ponchos, bringing the available roster of Outlaws from five up to seven. The first of the new characters added is Gordo, a massive man that comes to the fight packing a minigun and molotovs for those who want instant firepower. The second character is The Wolf, a Native American themed character that can land deadly skill shots with a bow and pounce on enemies to kill them with a knife made of bone that is perfect for skilled technical players. Gordo and The Wolf are both premium content, and will be available for a yet to be determined price.

Secret Ponchos will be receiving The Hunting Ground update on PS4 on February 17th. It is currently unknown if this content will be made available for the PC version of the game.

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