Sword Art Online Game Exclusively for High End Platforms like PS4 and PC Is Possible; Would Use Their Power

on October 9, 2015 5:20 PM

Bandai Namco has developed Sword Art Online games for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 so far, with the lower powered consoles quite obviously holding back the PS4 version, but Producer Yosuke Futami told DualShockers at this year’s NYCC that a game of the series exclusively for high end platforms and fully using their power is a possibility for the future:

“Of course! [Lost Song] is made for PS Vita but in the future we would try to make [a game] for a high-end console like PS4 or maybe PC and utilize that power of the consoles to make those games more powerful and gorgeous.”

Incidentally, we also learned that an Xbox One version of Sword Art Online: Lost Song could be possible if the fan base demanded it:

“A couple years ago SAO was not planned for localization for the West until we found that there were a lot of passionate fans who wanted it, and we realized that we could bring over RE: Hollow Fragment and Lost Song.

For Xbox One it could be possible if we heard more voices demanding for more consoles.”

Considering that Sword Art Online is set in a virtual world with lovely anime visuals, it’d be certainly interesting to see a game of the series not held back by portable platforms and last-gen consoles. The upcoming Hollow Realization already dropped the PS3, but it still holds on to PS Vita.

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