Sword Art Online: Lost Song About 20-30 Hours Long, Producer Also Has Interest In A PS4 Version

January 30, 2015

Dengeki Online had the opportunity to meet Sword Art Online: Lost Song’s producer Yosuke Futami at the Taipai Game Show and discussed about the game’s length, PS4 interest along with a few other tidbits.

Gematsu has translated the important parts which you can view below:

-When asked about plans for a PlayStation 4 version, Futami said, “I want to do it!” Theme song singer Eir Aoi adds in that she wants a PS4 version, too.

-The story will take roughly 20 to 30 hours to complete.

-There are no character-specific endings, but each character does have his or her own episodes.

-A post-launch update will add a big new feature for online mode.

-You can access multiplayer from the beginning of the story. Completing quests will increase the number of areas you can visit, which will in turn increase the number of multiplayer quests you can do.

-There’s a large number of multiplayer quests.

-There are raw materials you can collect both online and offline for strengthening your weapon, but the probability of obtaining them offline is much lower. It’s also possible to take on more difficult quests with stronger enemies online. If there’s only one strong player in the party, however, clearing these quests will be difficult. Cooperation is important.

-Eir Aoi and Luna Haruna’s dual theme songs are themed around new characters Seven and Rain.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song will be released on March 26 in Japan for Playstation 3 and Vita.


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