Sylvio 2 Announced for Fall 2017 Console and PC Release with Mysterious New Trailer

Sylvio 2 Announced for Fall 2017 Console and PC Release with Mysterious New Trailer

Swedish Developers Stroboskop just announced the sequel to their cult 2015 game, Sylvio. Very little has been revealed for this first-person horror follow up, but we do know it will be coming to Steam, Xbox One and PS4 sometime in the Fall of this year. The brand new trailer makes Sylvio 2 look even more creepy than the first and it’s hard not to be swept in by the vagueness of the announcement.

What we do know is that ‘ghost recorder’ Juliette Waters is returning after surviving her initial adventure. This time she’ll be able to play around with visual equipment instead of just audio; Yes, she’ll be recording some dangerous home movies in an abandoned theme park. It’s unlikely that people she’ll encounter there will be happy clowns and smiling children.

The game’s official website only shows a small number of screenshots but a few facts can be gleaned by a closer look. The microphone is back meaning that audio recording will still be an important part of the core gameplay. Creepy decorations from the Saginaw Family Park also make an appearance to remind everyone of those lost days of innocence.

The video camera is shown set up in both the trailer and in one of the pictures hinting that you might have some control over where to put it. Perhaps there will be an element of strategy in capturing your corporeal subjects in just the right angle or light.

But of course, the unknowns greatly outweigh what we do know. It’s unclear if  acclaimed actress Maia Hansson Bergqvist from the first game will be reprising her role as Juliette in Sylvio 2. There’s also no indication if the ability to travel by car will return or the ability to analyze your recordings (whether audio or visual) will make a comeback.

Either way, the trailer is indeed unsettling and brings that Silent Hill shifting landscape into Stroboskop’s already dark world. The oozing of black goo and the white scanning lines probably indicate a change brought on by recording with the video camera. However, we’ll have to wait to see what nightmarish places Sylvio 2 will take us to.

The announcement trailer is available below: