System Shock Pre-Alpha Demo Shows Off Classic Game’s New Look

System Shock Pre-Alpha Demo Shows Off Classic Game’s New Look

System Shock is brought back to artificial life

System Shock, the classic RPG that played a large role in inspiring Bioshock, is getting a full-on remake. While developer Nightdive Studios has released gameplay videos before, this latest pre-alpha demo stream reveals more than ever before.

Although it’s in pre-alpha, System Shock has plenty of polish on it already. At the start of the stream, we’re thrust into a space station run by a rogue A.I. Its dimly lit neon corridors give a true cyberpunk feel while also being somewhat reminiscent of Alien: Isolation.  We’re also introduced to a few of the NPC’s including Shodan, the artificial antagonist of System Shock 2, who has been brought back for this remake.

Most of the gameplay shown consists of running around and shooting mutants or bashing bots with a lead pipe. However, it does offer a good look at System Shock‘s new shooting and stealth mechanics. While they’re both in their early stages, each has its own neat tricks. At one point our player sneaks up behind a bot then bashes his lead pipe on the ground to get its attention, before taking it down. Your arsenal seems varied, with our player using a regular gun at some points and a futuristic laser pistol at others.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pre-alpha stream without some bugs, and there was a good number shown off here. At the start, one of the developers commented on a stim pack clipping through the player model’s arm. Later on, when a cyborg shot a laser through the floor at our player, the developer playing was taken aback. Soon after, a screen’s display appeared warped and broken.

Bugs and glitches aside, this System Shock remake is promising, even in pre-alpha. Right now the game doesn’t have a release date, but pre-orders are available. If you’re looking for more System Shock news, check out our piece on the previous update on the game.