System Shock Remake Gets Another Monthly Update

System Shock Remake Gets Another Monthly Update

In their September update on the remake of System Shock, Nightdive Studios shares screenshots of the game's updated textures for its Adventure Alpha.

The System Shock remake got another update on its progress from Nightdive Studios. They have provided monthly updates ever since returning from a hiatus back in February refocused on delivering the true remake that was originally promised.

With the game’s “Adventure Alpha” at the end of the month, Nightdive shared that a lot of the game’s final art will be making it into the game along with levels using updated textures from the original System Shock. In the Adventure Alpha, the game’s Kickstarter backers will be able to explore the Citadel Station without any enemies to bar their way.

They also shared some screenshots comparing updated SS1 textures within Unreal with “the original game textures updated with PBR properties”. Apparently, Nightdive will be using the textures for a “Retro Mode” that will either be available from the beginning of the game or unlockable. More commenters seem to be leaning towards keeping it available from the offset.

Nightdive also shared that System Shock: Enhanced Edition received a source port update on Steam. It’s free for those who already own it, and everything included in the update is located below.

You can check out the screenshots of the reboot’s progress below and read the full monthly update on the game’s Kickstarter. According to the Kickstarter campaign, System Shock is being developed for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and is currently expected to be released in 2020.

Here are just some of the new features available:

  • Higher resolution support up to 4K widescreen mode
  • Mouselook support
  • Rebindable keyboard/mouse/joystick commands
  • Adapted to Nightdive’s KEX engine
  • Option to switch between hi-resolution
  • Mac assets and the original DOS assets
  • Official support for fan missions and fan mods
  • Adjustable FOV (Field of View) Brand new achievements