Tabletop RPG Confrontation Coming to PC

By Justin Hutchison

April 17, 2011

And it will feature everything in the picture above, so it’s probably gonna be pretty cool. Confrontation is probably unknown by most reading this, but some of our tabletop RPG-playing readers are probably familiar with it. It’s being developed into a PC-exclusive tactical RPG by Cyanide Studio, the developer behind the cult hit Blood Bowl and the Game of Thrones videogame. No idea how the latter panned out, but judging from Blood Bowl, this seems like the sort of property they could do well with.

At the very least, it has some killer art to build off of. I mean look at that header. Wolves with rifles and dog men carrying spiked shields and swords and stuff. Puts some hair on your chest.

Confrontation is set to come out for PC in Q4 2011.

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