Nope, Taco Bell Didn’t Take A Jab At EA Microtransactions With Its Xbox Series X Giveaway

Nope, Taco Bell Didn’t Take A Jab At EA Microtransactions With Its Xbox Series X Giveaway

Reddit’s most downvoted comment from EA regarding microtransactions could have ended up memed up by Taco Bell in their Xbox series X Giveaway. It didn't.

Taco Bell is giving away the Xbox Series X, This move started a rumor claiming how in the contest’s FAQ, the fast food chain had taken a jab at EA. Over on Reddit, an image which seemed to be from the contest’s FAQ was shared, claiming the FAQ had the text:

“What exactly do I win?

Besides a sense of pride and accomplishment? Each verified winner gets an Xbox Series X Prize bundle, which includes the Xbox Series X console, six (6) months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and the envy of your friends and family”.

However, none of the above text can be found on the actual Taco Bell Xbox Series X giveaway FAQ page:

The actual text states: “Each winner will receive an Xbox Series X and 6 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate prize bundle. Each prize bundle is valued at approximately $599. For complete prize details, see the Official Rules.”

It’s unlikely Taco Bell initially included that message and edited it out either, as in the first place, the background colors don’t match.

The fake answer is channeling EA’s poor handling of how difficult and expensive it was to unlock beloved characters such as Darth Vader in Star Wars Battlefront 2. EA’s response was so cringe worthy that it became Reddit’s most downvoted comment ever.

Back then EA tried to defend Battlefront 2’s micro-transactions through the EACommunityTeam account by stating that, “the intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes”.  Of course, that not only angered fans, even more, it nearly ruined the game. It also provided the world with of some pretty great memes, and Taco Bell definitely could have borrowed it.

The Xbox Series X contest is underway and lasts until November 4, 2020. To participate, stop into your local Taco Bell and buy a large or medium drink. Each cup will have a code that you can text or enter online for your chance to win the console. I know what you are thinking, “no one ever wins these things”. But I have been lucky enough to win more than once, including last year’s special Eclipse Xbox One X and Elite 2 controller bundle. You might have a better chance of winning the Xbox Series X from Taco Bell than actually pre-ordering a PS5.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch on November 10. We recently got to hear what the Xbox Series X sounds like when booting as well.