Fast-Paced Tactical Title Shock Tactics Gets an April Release Date

Fast-Paced Tactical Title Shock Tactics Gets an April Release Date

Indie developer Point Blank Games releases its first game this month on Steam. Shock Tactics draws inspiration from many turn-based strategy titles.

Indie developer Point Blank Games’s Shock Tactics combines fast-paced tactical combat with exploration and squad management. Today, the announced that Shock Tactics will be releasing on April 11.

According to Point Blank, Shock Tactics is a turn-based strategy title with some elements from Civ mixed in. Here’s what they have to say about the setting.

“You are the leader of a small vanguard of space pioneers, on a mission to scout a newly discovered planet. On Hephæst, you must try to harness unexplored alien technology to withstand the relentless attacks of the powerful Imperial Consortium, pirates and aliens.”

The statement goes on to say that players will be tasked with reaching valuable resources across the map in order to maintain technological superiority over the factions vying for control of Hephæst.

Point Blank Games is a young team of indie developers with a background in creating versatile AI and deep turn-based tactical mechanics. Shock Tactics marks their development debut.

Shock Tactics will be released on Steam. Check out the game’s website for more information.