Gears of War 3 Announced with Trailer

Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Cliffy B. confirmed what was probably the worst kept secret of this console generation. The Gears of War saga will conclude in April of next year. However, Cliffy


Green Day: Rock Band’s Set List

Although Entertainment Weekly was given first dibs on the track list for Green Day: Rock Band, we now have it as well! Most of the tracks are not surprises in the least, but now you have a


Want A Yakuza Tattoo?

You could rock the same badass back piece that Kazuma Kiryu shows off  in the Yakuza series, for free, only if Sega of Australia deems you worthy of the 9,000 dollar piece of art. The contest is


Backbreaker Gets New Dev Diary

Backbreaker is a new take on the football video game. In the latest developer diary, we are shown the very essence of the game that will aim to be distinguished from the mainstream competition by using a


Top 10 Reasons to Hold On to a Game

Hey everybody. Recently DualShockers showed you, the gamer community, that game retailers have been making great deals lately for sellers and buyers in the used games market compared to past scenarios. In these economically challenging times, it


Fable III Screenshots

So, I know many people are frothing at the mouth for these, but first, let's talk about the social political ramifications of the changing economic state in Thailand.


Monster Hunter Tri Bundle

Set to release in April 6, 2010, Monster Hunter Tri will be coming stateside and will be coming with a bundle. The bundle that was released in Japan came with a sweet black classic controller pro and


God of War III E3 Demo Impressions

One word to describe it...


It's fantastic.

Gameplay, is as always in a GoW game, amazing action. From running the Blades of Chaos into an harpy then ripping it in half as you jump to the