A Brief BulletStorm Ad

A new, very short video ad has been released for BulletStorm. It's little more than an ad with a brief voice-over by Cliffy B, asking you to pre-order the game. But hey, you don't have anything better


Innex Shows Us a New Way to Shoot on Wii

Tired of aiming Waggle-sticks, Wii-motes, Nunchuks, and otherwise ridiculously named controllers at your television while playing gun-based Action and/or Shooter games like Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition or RE: Darkside Chronicles? To put the G back in


New PlayStation Ad: It Only Does 256 Players

2009 was a year that brought us one of the most memorable, not to mention NORMAL, PlayStation Ad campaigns. The ads feature Kevin Butler as a random position at Sony, and he is answering a question that