New Info About Aion 3.0 Leaks Out of Korea

It’s been some time, but a special trailer was released a while ago by NCSoft that showcases many of the changes, additions and improvements that the developers in Korea would like to make to the fairly popular


GDC Online Award Winners Announced

Thursday night the winners of the Game Developer's Choice Online awards were announced at the ceremony in Austin, Texas. Taking many people (or at least me) by surprise, newcomers Riot Games and their debut title League of


Aion’s Pre-Launch = Epic Fail

I had to break this Aion discussion down into two parts simply because there's so much to talk about. So, I figured I'd give you the bad news first.  The good news - that this game


Aion Open Beta Impressions

The last few days I've been diving into the open beta of the new MMO Aion. Right from the start I'll tell you that my experience so far is mostly positive. There are a few things early