Alpha Protocol


Super Savings on Sega Steam Sale

With all the exciting new games coming out, I'm sure your gaming budget is going to be pretty tight for the next couple of months. All the more reason to save as much as you can at


Review: Alpha Protocol

When you hear the word “delay” what do you immediately think of? As a gamer, the word is just as bad as any other four-letter word out there. Whenever it’s said in conjunction with a particular title


Alpha Protocol: Old Sly Dog Trailer Released

Picking locks, drop-kicking goons, hacking computers, and more await you in Alpha Protocol the espionage action game from Obsidian Entertainment. In the latest trailer shows off some sneak attacks including throat punching and disarm tactics. Load up


New Alpha Protocol Music Video Released

Alpha Protocol is an upcoming action title from Obsidian and SEGA with a taste of Agent Jack Bauer-style interrogations. Will the game take you by storm or end up dripping with garbage juice? Not sure, but check


Gold for SEGA’s Alpha Protocol

Sega and Obsidian's espionage RPG Alpha Protocol has gone gold and will be coming to a gaming platform near you. Take role-playing, stealth, and action game-play and know what's it like to be a modern day spy.


Alpha Protocol Release Date

Sega unveiled a new release date, and this time, they mean it. The Espionage RPG Alpha Protocol is scheduled to hit North America June 1st. With a plot that is ripped from today's headlines, and more twists