Anarchy Reigns


Review: Anarchy Reigns

After escaping a damning delay purgatory, Sega and Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns is finally here. Though first scheduled to release in late 2011, the game received a jaw dropping four delays before finally sticking to its early


New Anarchy Reigns Trailer Showcases Douglas

Anarchy Reigns' release dates are just around the corner (January the 8th in North America and January the 11th in Europe) and Sega released a new trailer of the game showcasing a rather massive character: Douglas Williamsburg.


Anarchy Reigns Delay Shocks Developer

Sega announced a whopping fourth delay for action game Anarchy Reigns on Monday, surely shocking the games dwindling group of followers. According to developer Platinum Games, fans aren't the only ones surprised by this move. Producer Atsushi