Assassin’s Creed II


PlayStation Store Update 1/28

Hello PlayStation Fans, this week brings us an exceptionally nice update. First off, Bloons and Brain Pipe are seeing permanent price drops for $2.99. For downloads we are getting a Hustle Kings, which is a pool


Can Sony Keep Up The Momentum In 2010?

2009 was a year that brought Sony much fortune. Not only did the PS3 see better sales for multiplatform titles, but Sony had some AMAZING exclusives. With 2010 a heartbeat away, the big question is, can Sony


Are Games Better With RPG Mechanics?

No, it's not a written-in-blood fact, it is merely my opinion - I feel that games are improved when they employ mechanics typically found in RPGs.  Warning: The following contains things that I personally consider "RPG


Assassins Creed II Guest Review

The guys from Raw Game Play are back with yet another in-depth video review. While we were busy planning our last DualShockers event we kind of dropped the ball in terms of reaching out for games to


New Release Rundown Week of 11/15

This week is truly stand out as far as new releases go. One way to truly know a good week, is when you can find quality titles on all platforms, and this week is, without a doubt,