Gust Announces a New Atelier Game

The next installment in Gust's popular Atelier JRPG series has been announced. Tentatively titled "Project A15", the game was very briefly revealed at Japan's Dengeki Game Festival this past weekend. Very little was shown of the game,


Atelier Keyboards Now Up For Pre-Order

From Surfer's Paradise (weird name for a keyboard maker) come these new Atelier keyboards, featuring characters from Totori, Rorona, and Meruru. Unfortunately, between the strange translation and my lack of experience with the Atelier franchise, I'm not


A Possible New Atelier Game?

As if we didn't have enough alchemy-heavy Japanese RPGs to handle - both localized and not - there's the possibility of another one in the works.  Famitsu's editorial department apparently received a New Year's card from