Beta Impressions: Gotham City Impostors

It's strange how quickly a game can change in public opinion from conception to release. With Gotham City Impostors I went from incredulously laughing "Is this real?" to being interested and after playing the game at


Gotham City Impostors Releases Third Animated Trailer

Another animated trailer has been released today for the upcoming Gotham City Impostors, this time showing off a few creative ways of dealing with your enemies in the highly entertaining animated fashion we've lately become accustomed to.


Arkham City PC Version Delayed Until November

For reasons unexplained, Warner Bros has announced that they will be delaying the PC version of Arkham City until November. While this is surely a disappointment for PC fans, console players can rejoice as those versions are


LA Noire Site Goes Live, Full of Teasers

Rock Star's LA Noire might be launching in May, but at this point we still barely know anything about the game. That's going to change in the coming months I'm sure, and it starts now with the