NBA 2K13 Teamsup with Jay Z

2K Sports is teaming up with rapper Jay Z that will work as Executive Producer for the upcoming NBA 2K13. Jay Z has been involved with athletics as is shown with his part-ownership of 40/40 sports clubs


Preview: Mario Sports Mix Impressions

If you don't know already, Mario Sports Mix is a soon to be released title that compiles a handful of sports and your favorite Mario characters. It was developed by Square Enix, and, interestingly enough, it's the


Mario Sports Mix Pushes the Envelope

Mario is quite the talented tradesman. He's been a doctor, a soccer player, a baseball player, a go-kart racer, and an evil dictator among other things. (Pretty sure I made one of those up...) Well, a


NBA Elite 11 Canceled, Like Heroes Canceled


Let's see what's been canceled in the world of entertainment. Heroes, Law and Order, Family Guy (once), Veronica Mars, Chuck (twice), and Freaks and Geeks. Now can anyone, off the top of their head, name one


Review: NBA 2K11

By title alone, NBA 2K11 is seems like it's just going to be another notch in the long-lasting basketball series published by 2K Sports. However, the title is where that notion stops. I’m not one to give


NBA Elite 11 Demo Dropping for PS3

EA Sports is reinventing its basketball lineup with NBA Elite 11 by attempting to revitalize the series with a major overhaul of the controls from previous EA basketball titles. In the new demo which will be dropping


NBA 2K11 Cover Art Revealed

With all this NBA hoopla and free agency talk, the revealing of the NBA 2K11 cover art may trump them all. That is because the cover features "THE GREATEST OF ALL-TIME." Prepare yourself to feast your


NBA Elite 11 Officially Announced

Evolve your jump-shot and dunk game with the new NBA Elite coming from EA. Today the game was announced and said to be an "evolution of the genre unlike anything we've seen in the past 10 years"