PlayStation Store Update 12/3

Well everyone, it is that time once again, where I bring you all the PlayStation Update, since the PS Blog isn't pretty and blue like our site. This week is bringing Call of Duty Classic to those


Bayonetta Demo Impressions

Unlike most gamers waiting for Bayonetta, I'm not a huge fan of hack-and-slash Devil May Cry or God of War type games. They tend to devolve too quickly into button-mashing events with little depth. Yet, last night


Some more sexy SEGA stuff…

Gotta love that alliteration. If any of you caught the posta few weeks ago with SEGA's new releases and updates, you should be familiar with this format. SEGA release regularly information on their pre-releases and competitions, which


Make a Bayonetta Costume Of Your Very Own

Whether it's for Halloween coming up here shortly, or a cosplay event down the line, Sega has you covered on how to go about making a rather detailed replica of Bayonetta's outfit sexy and sleek outfit. 


Bayonetta Art Contest Winner Crowned

Today, SEGA announced the winner of the Bayonetta Re-Envisioned contest, and that person was Niccolo Balce. After hundreds of votes were cast to assist the judges from Wizard and SEGA, the panel chose 11 winners, one being


DualShockers Eyes On: Bayonetta

While I was at the New York Anime Festival this weekend, I could not help but stare and admire all the beautiful cos-players that surrounded me. God had cursed me; you can look but you can't touch


Sega Looking for Bayonetta Model

We got word today that Sega has teamed up with Maxim and is looking for a real life Bayonetta model to represent the franchise. Entries will be collected until the end of September so you will have