Bizarre Creations


Activision Suggests Bizarre Close Shop

In November, game studio Bizarre Creations was put on the market to be sold by Activision, and while initially it seemed there were several interested parties, it would seem that all the deals have fallen through and


Review: Blood Stone 007

Blood Stone 007 is packed full of action scenes with explosions, beautiful women, chase sequences and a multitude of fire fights throughout, it definitely plays like the Bond films. Blood Stone is an action-adventure third-person shooter with


Someone Order A Large Glass of Bond?

A new trailer for James Bond 007: Blood Stone has been released that features some of the vehicles and driving gameplay elements from the game. Take a look after the break and go behind-the-scenes with Blood Stone


Bond is Back With an All-New Combat System

In preparation for the release of Activision's James Bond 007: Blood Stone, coming in November. A trailer has been released that focuses on the new combat system within the game, such as stealth take and hand-to-hand combat


Xbox 360 Blur Beta Becomes Open to All

In a recent podcast with Kotaku, Gareth Wilson the lead designer of Bizarre Creations brought about some insight into the Blur beta. In fact the Xbox 360 platform has experienced a great success and players have enjoyed