BloodRayne Betrayal Delayed in Australia

Uwe Boll did to BloodRayne what former wrestling behemoth Chyna has done to the porn industry -- unmercifully destroy it, to never be ogled again for years to come. While the franchise hibernated in secrecy to hide


More Bloodrayne: Betrayal Screenshots Surface

I think Bloodrayne: Betrayal is easily the most unexpected announcement of the year for me. Even more unexpected is that I'm actually finding myself looking forward to a Bloodrayne game, because this one looks like it's TONS


Why Are Game-Based Movies So Bad?

I enjoy gaming. I also enjoy movies. If you’re anything like me, the prospect of movies fashioned after games gets you hastily excited. But more often than not, when you sit down to one of these so-called 


Uwe Boll Making Third Bloodrayne Movie

Uwe Boll isn't the most popular of directors in the gaming industry. The man is known for unmercifully taking games, and ripping them apart in his movies by creating the most unwatchable films - and gamers hate


Psychonauts Lives On

Have you played Majesco Entertainment's Psychonauts for Xbox or PS2? No? How about the XBLA download, you must have at least done that? You say you don't have a 360... darn... wait I got it!