EA Says Blu-ray is Coming of Age

The Blu-ray disc is far superior to the DVD as a format; there is no question about that. Its higher space capacity and high resolution inclination make it a choice format for huge and graphically heavy games.


God of War 1 & 2 Coming to PSN

So the HD re-release of the first and second entries into the immensely popular God of War series fared well. Updating the game with HD resolution and trophy support seemed like all the incentive fans needed to


MS Sees Blu-ray as a Passing Trend

People have been harping on and on about the Blu-ray disc and Microsoft's refusal to implement it within the Xbox 360. We finally have some information as to why. When asked about the format in a recent


3D YouTube Heading to PlayStation 3

Mick Hocking of Sony Worldwide Studios has let it be known that not only will the Sony PlayStation 3 be rocking 3D (a.k.a. Stereoscopic 3D or 3D HD) video games, images, and videos via Blu-ray


Hulu+ is Coming to the PS3 This Year

The on-demand video streaming service Hulu Plus was recently announced. Hulu, in case you didn't know, is a video streaming website that is already being enjoyed by millions. This new service is premium, being brought to HD


Earning Fans Video in Blur Released

Earn fans as you race and shoot your way through Blur on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 by performing fan demands. Drive through the power-up symbol you see in the following video and perform the stunt the


The PS3 3D Myth

While some see 3D as a passing fad, I personally believe it is going to add a lot to gaming. That being said, it was not entirely surprising when Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 would be