Castle Crashers


Castle Crashers Sale on XBLA

Running from December 21st through the 31st, Behemoth's fantastic Castle Crashers will be half off on XBLA. There's not a whole lot to say about this, and Behemoth said it perfect on their blog so I'll leave


New Behemoth Game Pushed to Next Year


Behemoth, developer of the highly praised Castle Crashers, has announced that its new game, BattleBlock Theatre, has been pushed to next year because the game has turned out to be much more than what they had


Review: Castle Crashers

Two years have passed since we saw the curious pixilated knights hit the Xbox 360 via the arcade, and now PS3 fans have their shot via the PSN. Has the quartet of knights lost anything or gained


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 8/29/2010

This week's release lineup is pretty solid, considering some big titles we've been waiting on for a while are finally hitting, such as Valkyria Chronicles II and Metroid: Other M. We also have Behemoth's awesome co-op game