Razer Plans to Unveil Left-Handed Naga Mouse

Razer has announced that they plan to unveil a left-handed version of the Naa MMO gaming mouse in the near future following a massive showing of fan response in favor of it. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan posted


Steve Jobs, Dead at 56 Years Old

We're not Gizmodo or Engadget. We're a gaming site through and through. But even as distant as we are from the world of technology in the topics we cover there is no denying the influential power of


Sony CEO Is A-Ok With Hacks and Mods

Although Sony is notoriously known for being anti-hacking, modding, or anything remotely resembling that sort of thing, Sony CEO Jack Tretton is apparently now okay with it. At least, that is what he stated in this interview


The New Blacklight Game will be Free to Play

Downloadable shooter Blacklight: Tango Down from Zombie Studios has become quite popular on the downloadable games scene, although many flaws with the game have been cited. According to CEO of Zombie Mark Long, the upcoming sequel will


EA Says Blu-ray is Coming of Age

The Blu-ray disc is far superior to the DVD as a format; there is no question about that. Its higher space capacity and high resolution inclination make it a choice format for huge and graphically heavy games.


Emergent Game Technologies Names New CEO

A leading provider of 3D game development solutions, Emergent Game Technologies, announced the appointment of Scott M. Johnson to chief executive officer. Johnson has held the position since late last year and led the company to record


EA Vet Gets CEO Position At Outspark

Outspark is a premier North American publisher for free-to-play MMO games such as Fiesta and others. I won't lie - I have played my share of their games (Fiesta and Secret of the Solstice, just to name