Champions Online


Review: Champions Online

Superheroes have always been present through human history, but only when the Nazi regime opened a dimensional rift that caused enormous amounts of magic to flow into our world, superpowered humans become commonplace. Since then a


For Sale by Atari: Cryptic Studios

Publisher Atari has announced today in an earnings report that it is looking for a buyer for developer Cryptic Studios. As of March 31, Cryptic was a "discontinued operation" within the company. Cryptic's current projects, such as


Champions Online to become Free to Play

Cryptic Studios and Atari have announced that Champions Online will become completely free to play beginning Q1 of 2011. Atari hopes to still make money from the game by selling new adventure packs, powers, and costumes.


Champions Online Beta Impressions

Having played City of Heroes/City of Villains for several years, I was curious how Champions Online would be different. It’s common knowledge that Cryptic Studios had a certain amount of involvement in the “City of” games. I