HD Remakes for the Xbox 360?

One new gaming trend which I’m sure will become a booming success do to its great profitability is HD remakes. Starting with the God of War Collection more and more of these are starting to pop up:


Splatterhouse E3 Trailer Looks Sick

In an interesting turn of events, your girlfriend has been stolen and you need to get her back pronto! In Namco Bandai's remake of Splatterhouse blast your way through a world of carnage after a mask grants


Sega Genesis Classics Heading to PC Next

Sonic is back! After a well received release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii recently SEGA has decided to bring its classic games to the computer gaming world. The first titles expected to drop


Rocket Knight Releases for PlayStation Network

Sparkster makes his long-awaited return to gaming with the Hi-Def release of Rocket Knight storming PlayStation 3's everywhere today. The platform / flying / action game in beautiful 2D-style brings you the classic retro atmosphere to the


MLG Orlando Crowns Champions

A little sun and fun was in order for the first event of the MLG Pro Circuit for 2010. In a weekend that introduced Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Tekken 6 as new events, pleased everyone that