Cliffy B


Demo Impressions: BulletStorm

From the first loading screen of the demo, BulletStorm makes no empty promises or excuses. It knows exactly what it is and it tells you that up front. It's a cocky, in your face shooter that is


A Brief BulletStorm Ad

A new, very short video ad has been released for BulletStorm. It's little more than an ad with a brief voice-over by Cliffy B, asking you to pre-order the game. But hey, you don't have anything better


E3 2010: Gears of War 3, Say Hello To Ice-T

The above rhyme-scheme wasn't intentional. What is intentional, though, is the news I'm about to throw at you. After reading the headline, it should be obvious what this news is clearly about. If you haven't guessed it,