Overwatch Closed Beta Starts on October 27

Blizzard's Overwatch is getting a beta on October 27.

The game was originally announced at BlizzCon last year, and it can be categorized with Hi-Rez’s Paladins, and Gearbox’s Battleborn in that sub-MOBA genre. The closed beta will


Iris Online Closed Beta Starts This Friday

This Friday, October 15th, marks the day that the gypsy-themed MMO, Iris Online, will be entering closed beta. The beta features massive amounts of content, including 3 races, 6 classes, 11 explorable zones, 2 distinct PvP Modes


Closed Beta Testing for Cataclysm Has Begun

The day all hardcore WoW fans have been waiting for has finally arrived, the closed beta testing for Cataclysm has begun. Blizzard began sending out invites for the beta out yesterday to players who signed up using


Halo Reach Beta with Aisha Tyler

Are you still looking for a Halo Reach Beta code? Oh right you don't need that anymore, just grab your copy of Halo ODST and load it up. Don't have a copy of ODST anymore (neither do