Mortal Kombat Confirmed for PS Vita

The rumor that Mortal Kombat would be heading to the PlayStation Vita dates back to August, when a single image surfaced touting the title Mortal Kombat: Vitality. We can now confirm that such a game is in


6th Professor Layton Game Confirmed

The quirky and addictive Professor Layton series is getting a sixth installment. The news comes by way of Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino. No release or even platform availability details are available for the title at this point.


Jade and Goro Confirmed for Mortal Kombat

Two more warriors have joined the list of confirmed fighters for perhaps this year's bloodiest fighter, Mortal Kombat. These characters are Jade, the brown skinned green clad heroine and Goro, the six armed half dragon and consummate