Corpse Party


Corpse Party for 3DS Rated By the ESRB

Corpse Party: Blood Covered...Repeated Fear launched in Japan last July, and a recent ESRB posting seems to indicate that the game is being localized in some capacity. A rating for Corpse Party on 3DS has appeared,


Review: Corpse Party

On first glance, Corpse Party looks like every other fluffy-smutty high school-kids-in-danger gratuitous-panty-shot-laden Japanese doujin soft game slapped together with RPG Maker. But, the game lives up to its title in ways I did not expect --


Corpse Party to Hit PSN November 22nd

Like horror, high school stories and JRPGs? Need something to spend time playing on the subways, while simultaneously guaranteeing yourself all the elbow room you want? Then you don't want to pass this up.