Crackdown 2


First Crackdown 2 Add-On Announced

Crackdown 2, developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 by Ruffian Games, will be receiving its first add-on content pretty soon. Aside from super-jumping, constantly shooting people in the face with rocket launchers and kicking your foes across


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 7/4/2010

What comes out this week, you ask? Not a whole lot. However, there are two notable titles. Crackdown 2 we've been hearing about for quite a while hits this week, as does the PSP port of Persona


Crackdown 2 Hits the Shelves


Did you like the first Crackdown? Do you have sixty bucks just collecting dust in your wallet? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you may wanna head down to your local game


Crackdown 2 Demo Unlocks Achievements

For everyone cranking up the Crackdown 2 demo on Xbox Live you will be pleased to know that you can unlock some achievements that will count for the full game when it releases this July 6th! I


PAX East 2010: Crackdown 2 Impressions

I clearly remember a couple of years back when the first Crackdown was introduced to the Xbox 360. I was awed with the cell-shaded appearance that penetrated through the display and, most importantly, the style of gameplay


Crackdown 2 Screens Hit the Streets

Like any orb junkie, the moment I hear anything about Crackdown 2 I instantly start rocking back and forth while mumbling about the orbs. And I gladly look forward to finding all those little bastards this next


Crackdown 2 Hits July 6

Crackdown was an amazing game. It did have a pretty lame ending, but it did what it set out to do: keep us entertained as we powered up our orb-absorbing juiced up crime-fighting combatant to an unstoppable


Getting Super High with Crackdown 2

Ruffian Games is going big with their return to Pacific City. The game will be bigger with more stuff to do and...lots taller. I know that one of my favorite past times in Crackdown was climbing