Crysis 3


GamersGate Selling Crysis Trilogy for $25

The Crysis series has been renowned for years. People love the sci-fi story and most of all, the insanely impressive graphics. If you've been curious about trying the series out but haven't, now is your chance to


Review: Crysis 3

Twentyfour years have passed after the events of Crysis 2, and CELL has been hard at work while Prophet was nicely tucked away into a powerful EMP sarcophagus that kept his nanosuit inactive. The megacorporation encased the


Crysis 3 Gameplay Preview Released

Here's another action-packed look at Crysis 3.

'The Train Yard' gameplay preview shows off more lethal bow and arrow action and ends in a climactic escape sequence with the help of a train. If nothing else, Crysis