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Review: Dance Central 2

Rhythm games have always had a hard time coming out with good sequels. I mean, if you have a rhythm game that is really good already, how much more can you possibly do with it to keep


Dance Central is Rick James, B****

Dance Central is doing what rhythm games are wont to do these days, and more DLC is being released for the game today! The offerings this time are rather varied, and should provide something that everybody will


Harmonix Goes Indie

Viacom made headlines last month when it revealed that it was selling Harmonix, the accomplished developer behind the extremely successful Rock Band series and more recently, the Kinect exclusive Dance Central. Accordingly, this was related to slowing


New DLC Comes to Dance Central

New songs are heading its way over to Dance Central for download on Xbox LIVE, exclusively for the Kinect on the Xbox 360. Get ready for new choreographed routines to dance to as on December 21st, Blur's