The Baconing Arrives On All Platforms August 31

Hothead Games' newest game featuring their kinda-but-not-really mascot DeathSpank, The Baconing, now has a release date, and even more pleasant, it's going to be on all major platforms. The off-kilter action adventure RPG is hitting the PSN,


Pull on Your Tail Kickin Boots With DeathSpank


DeathSpank is an action-RPG that combines all the elements we love from an RPG into one down loadable little package. DeathSpank released today for PlayStation Network and releases tomorrow for XBOX Live. Adding DeathSpank to your


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 7/11/2010

So, we all know the big one from this week, right? If you didn't say Dragon Quest IX, you should just commit yourself to a mental institution right now. Go! That is probably the biggest title releasing