Disney Epic Mickey


Review: Disney Epic Mickey

The last time I remember playing as Mickey in a video game was a long time ago when I played a couple of the Super Nintendo titles. This was over a decade ago, and I'd say that


Designing the World of Disney Epic Mickey

Sit down with Warren Spector, the Creative Director of Junction Point, in the latest dev diary for Disney Epic Mickey called "Designing the World." Dive deeper into the Magical World of Disney as Spector discusses several


Disney Epic Mickey is Now Available

Disney Epic Mickey has arrived on store shelves today across North America exclusively for the Wii for $49.99. Join Mickey Mouse on a journey to become an epic hero as you use paint and paint thinner


Disney Epic Mickey Developer Call Recap

A recent developer call with Warren Spector, general manager and creative director at Disney Interactive Studios’ Junction Point, drove home the point that Disney Epic Mickey will be nothing short of epic. The game looks gorgeous and


Disney Epic Mickey Gameplay Trailer

Disney Interactive Studios has released the gameplay trailer for Disney Epic Mickey. Disney Epic Mickey launches on November 30th in North America, and will be released exclusively for Wii. There's not much else to say now other