DJ Hero


Guitar Hero Isn’t Dead (Kind of)

With Call of Duty’s “ego” sucking in both Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises, it looked like the end of these old, popular, music games. Luckily, thanks to fans and their “continued support”, both games will be


DJ Hero JAY-Z vs. Eminem DLC

Activision has announced new DLC for DJ Hero is coming soon. In about a week or two (depending on which console you own) gaming DJ's will see the release of the JAY-Z vs. Eminem Mix Pack.


DJ Hero Price Drop!

DJ Hero has been lowered from 119.99 to 99.99 (this includes the turntable and the disc copy of the game).  This is definitely something for music-game fans as well as possibly fans of music


Rumor: DJ Hero Is Going Mobile

Everyone knows just how "well" Activision's DJ Hero did. When I say "well", I don't mean the reception it received from the gaming press, I mean in the sense of how much the game and the peripheral


Activision will have a new DJ Hero game

Activision has confirmed that there will be a future installment of the DJ Hero franchise. However, they did not get specific enough to mention a number. Recently, Activision took a trip to Cannes, France to ask musicians


WCG Holiday Heroes Tournament

World Cyber Games will be hosting its second annual Holiday Heroes Tournament in New York City at the Samsung Experience; 3rd floor of the Time Warner Mall on 59th Street.  The tournament will host Modern Warfare


DJ Hero 2, Band Hero 2 In the Works

Did you think Activision went a bit overboard with all their Hero games this year, releasing multiple games on almost every platform known to mankind?  Not only did they have half a dozen Guitar Hero titles


Review: DJ Hero

DJ Hero is Activison’s newest take on the music genre which looks to put the player in the role of the club DJ. DJ Hero follows a similar style of Guitar Hero but makes very quick departures