DJ Hero


Review: DJ Hero

DJ Hero is Activison’s newest take on the music genre which looks to put the player in the role of the club DJ. DJ Hero follows a similar style of Guitar Hero but makes very quick departures


DualShockers: DJ Grandmaster Flash Interview

Grandmaster Flash is an icon when it comes to hip hop music and the art of DJing, cutting, mixing and basically using a DJ board as an instrument. Flash, as he said you can call him, and


I take on the DJ Hero Leaderboards

Ok if you have not been following me on Twitter or the rest of the DualShockers team (@taz8080 or @DualShockers) you have been missing out on the chronicles of my current obsession, which is DJ Hero. I


Jay-Z Talks DJ Hero

Jay-Z recently had a chance to sit down with the folks over at MTV and discuss why he decided to get involved with DJ Hero and a Renegade Decision. Jay- Z kept it real and said that


DJ Hero Unlock Codes

Ok my fellow DJ's, I just picked up my copy of DJ Hero for the Xbox 360 from Best Buy and it came with the DJ Hero Unlock Code for Daft Punk. You get their songs and


Exclusive DJ Hero NYC Release Party

Hey everyone from the NYC area, join us (DualShockers) at the DJ Hero Release Party in the famous J&R Electronic store on 23 Park Row, as we play DJ Hero all night with other fans and celebrities.


For Those Who Missed Game On!

Rock Band, DJ Hero and music video games in general, crashed Carnegie Hall this past Monday night. Many of you who could not make it to the Game On! event can enjoy these lovely photos of most


DJ Hero Intro Vid

Looking forward to DJ Hero and relieving your dream of being a top rated world renowned DJ and getting all the girls? Don't lie! The DJ always gets the girl.


Complete DJ Hero Track List

This morning the lovely folks over at Activision decided to drop some knowledge on us in regards to their upcoming and highly anticipated Hero game. When I first heard of a DJ Hero game I was initially


DJ Hero Renegade Edition – A Whopping $199

Don't have enough plastic peripherals laying around? Are your pockets dripping of green paper with the faces of old dead white men on them? Fear not my friends because Activision is here to save the day by