NYCC 2012: DmC Trailer Released

Capcom shares more sword-swinging action in this DmC trailer from New York Comic Con 2012. Viewers are shown more face-paced action along with plenty of snippets from the game's many cut-scenes.


DMC Gets Some Skinny Pre-order Bonuses

Capcom has revealed the pre-order bonuses for their hotly anticipated action title Devil May Cry, and personally, they aren't too thrilling. As a reward for pre-ordering, gamers will get to choose from three 'weapon packs'. That sounds


Capcom Releases Bizarre New DmC Trailer

Devil May Cry (DmC) has been garnering significant amounts of both positive and negative attention from fans alike. Some praise the audacity of Capcom to reboot the franchise and move in a different direction with the character,


DMC Developer Not Concerned with Sales

Devil May Cry is certainly one of the most beloved action series in the history of gaming but it hasn't been selling amazingly. That's according to Capcom, who have found series sales so lackluster that they've decided


DMC May Not See Release in 2012

Ninja Theory hasn't been the least bit talkative about a release date for DMC. Neither has publisher Capcom, although it's safe to say that fans are expecting the game to come home sometime this year. I think