Review: Super Scribblenauts

Last year, a measly game for the Nintendo DS caught the gaming industry completely off guard. No one was prepared to be so impressed by a handheld game. That game was Scribblenauts, and it took home multiple


Nintendo DSi Prices Are Going Down

Starting September 12th, the price for Nintendo DSi and DSi XL will be dropping $20.00 respectively. That puts the regular Nintendo DSi at 149.99 and the Nintendo DSi XL at $169.99.


Buy DSi/DSi XL, Get One Game Free

For this week only, GameStop is offering those who buy a DSi one free game. The problem is you only get to choose out of a selected five. The good news is the games are not that


GameStop DSi XL Trade Up Offer

GameStop is once again having a trade up offer for the latest piece of hardware. Not sure how long this has been going on, but GameStop is offering those who would like to upgrade their DS's to


DSi XL Gets a Launch Date in Europe

A release date for the much bigger, adult-friendly, sexy DSi XL (the bigger DSi) has been provided by Nintendo of Europe. Those of you who inhabit these places across the Atlantic will be able to get your


A New DSi Already?

For the past few months gamers have been enjoying their precious DSi, how it is living up to the PSP in every way. The internet, the sleek size, and the cameras all made us fall in love