Nintendo Downloads for the First Week of May

So you have ta Nintendo Wii that you haven't turned on since Mario Kart Wii launch. Well it's time to finally rev those... errr exhaust fans? This week the Wii gets two brand new downloadable titles while


Nintendo Downloads: Choose Your Poison

This week’s Nintendo Downloads offer a great variety of selection. Thug it out with Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. from the good folks at Gameloft, rock some classic Zaxxon on the Virtual Console, or participate in


Nintendo Asks Gamers to Get Tough

Nintendo wants to know just how tough you really are. And this weeks WiiWare downloads give you just that chance. Whether your face to face with fearsome foes, standing toe to toe with Vampires, Nintendo has you


The Oregon Trail on DSi

Unfortunately, as a kid in school I never got to play The Oregon Trail like most of my peers have (I did play some other sweet computer games). Every time my friends would reminisce about The Oregon


Poker Comes to DSiWare

If you are part of G.G., Gambler's Anonymous, then you can have your mind at ease with the use of a free gambling game called High Stakes Texas Hold 'Em, brought to you by none


New Releases For The Virtual Consoles

Recently DSiWare and Wii Shop Channel have given us good games, and Nintendo has not failed since. This week so far, Nintendo has given every gamer something to download on the Wii or DS that will be


Rayman Out Now on DSi

On this wonderful Nintendo Monday, one of the titles downloadable this week is the original Rayman game. Yes, the classic platformer is now available on DSiWare for 800 Nintendo Points ($8). That is a great deal. I


DSiWare Title Worth Mentioning

Rarely if ever are DSiWare titles worth mentioning prior to release. I mean... Mario and Animal Crossing Clock apps? Doesn't the system have an internal clock already? Well, ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to Foto Face:


New Bomberman Arrives on DSi

Do you like classic Bomberman multiplayer? I sure do. Are you willing to shell out $5 for it on your DSi? I am. Well here it is... Hudson Entertainment brings you Bomberman Blitz, available now via Nintendo's