The Hype of Natal VS The Reality of Kinect

In this latest vidicle, DualShockers UK correspondent Rob Bateman (host of the Games4m show) discusses his take on Microsoft's Kinect. From the peripheral's inception to where he believes it's headed. Hint... Rob's not a fan.Take a


We Get Enslaved… And We Like It.

That's the best way to describe our experience with Enslaved, the upcoming action adventure title from Namco Bandai. At a recent press event in NYC, our very own Al Zamora had the privilege of chatting it up


E3 2010: We Totally Got Nail’d

No, it's not what you think so get your mind out of the gutter. Nail'd is actually an over-the-top ATV racing title that comes to us from Deep Silver and SouthPeak Games. The game is all about


What E3 is REALLY All about

When people hear E3 they immediately think it's all about playing the latest and greatest as well as seeing the upcoming games and ideas. And while those who think that are right, at the same time they