E3 2012


E3 2012: Microsoft Pumps Up the Jams with Xbox Music

Microsoft is thoroughly focused on making sure the Xbox is central to one's entire entertainment experience. While the Zune player hasn't done particularly well, Microsoft is definitely not done with the music game. Today at their E3


E3 2012: Nike+ Kinect Training Announced

Nike approached the stage during the Microsoft Press Conference. They talked about how they work together with the greatest athletes and provide them the best information to improve their performance.


E3 2012: Papo & Yo Gets Trailer for E3

The upcoming Playstation production, Papo & Yo, has just released a new trailer in anticipation of E3. The trailer is named "The Changing World," and it follows the story of a young boy as he explores an


E3 2012: Take a Look At Unreal Engine 4

That guy in the picture is rather scary, and it's also one of our first looks at what Unreal Engine 4 can accomplish. Take a good look, because the future of gaming graphics might just be staring


E3 Teaser Trailer Published for Far Cry 3

Already full of accolades, the new E3 teaser trailer has been published for Far Cry 3. Ubisoft calls for players to ‘step into insanity’ with the new title that will have you stuck on a wild island


E3 2012 Games List Revealed

Jubilations: IGN has compiled a list of games that will appear at E3 2012, and it's quite a lengthy toll. The event kicks off with a press conference on Monday, June 4th, followed by the big show


ROCCAT Presents Impressive Lineup of New Gear

Gamers with a little cash to spare are sure to rejoice over German company ROCCAT's lineup of products for this year. Although information will be somewhat limited until the actual presentations at Computex on June 5th and


What the Wii U Will Need to Succeed

In my latest gaming filled ideas brainstorm, I stopped to contemplate Nintendo’s new hardware: the Wii U. Nintendo showed off the Wii U at least year's E3 and even went as far as to show off the