EA Sports MMA


A Rough October Shows Plenty of Flops

With the massive success of Call of Duty Black Ops, it's sometimes easy to forget that Activision is a massive company that's been pumping out games one after the other. It looks like this might have finally


Review: EA Sports MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become a mainstream sport much like football or basketball these days thanks to some very smart marketing and hard effort of the UFC. Since the popularity of MMA has skyrocketed and the


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 10/17/2010

You know came out this week? Fallout: New Vegas, that's what! Isn't that all we need to know? For most people, perhaps, but there is quite a bit releasing this week, enough to encompass almost all tastes


Demo Impressions: EA Sports MMA

Round 1 – Let’s get it on!

The EA Sports MMA demo lets you play in two weight divisions: heavyweight and middleweight in either a 3 or 5 round match. You get to choose between Lashley or


EA Sports MMA Demo Worth Your While

EA Sports MMA will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year on October 19th. Sounds like a long wait right? Well, there's a slightly shorter wait for the demo, because that will be


Jacare and EA Sports MMA

Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza stopped by the EA Sports studio and decided to show the staff exactly why he belongs in their upcoming EA Sports MMA game. Jacare actually rolled with Victor Lugo, EA Sports MMA Producer, which


EA Sports MMA First Look Video

EA Sports MMA first look footage was aired tonight during the Strikeforce MMA bout on CBS. We got to see the beautiful graphics of the game and a preview of the main fight of the night, undefeated 


MMA Fighter vs. EA Dev

Never thought you may see that title ever in your life time did you? Since EA is making their own version of an MMA title they may have asked for this. MMA is explosive and full of


EA Sports MMA Teases Some News

If there is a sports game that I am excited to get my hands on it has to be EA Sports MMA. They have some giant shoes to fill with the explosive success of UFC 2009 Undisputed,