Earthworm Jim HD Out Tomorrow

Earthworm Jim HD. A game that will spawn fond memories and bewildering atrocities; a game more disturbing than watching your grandparents make out; a game which will be released tomorrow, finally, on Xbox Live Arcade for the


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Nintendo has updated some information on their upcoming releases for 2010, including news on titles not yet dated. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is set for a June 27 release and Metroid: Other M is now set


Earthword Jim HD Video Is Out and About

Earthworm Jim was probably one of the most disturbing video games that I've ever played. A world polluted with a harrowing set of inhabitants and torturous puzzles that would make any man go insane is taken on


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It's been a part of gaming since the invention of the joystick. That one level that drives you nuts no matter how many times you have to restart. SPIKE.COM presents their 10 most hellish levels of


Earthworm Jim HD – Oh Yes!

Earthworm Jim has to be one of the most disturbed games I've played in my years of gaming. I remember playing the first stage, New Junk City, experiencing the crazy soundtrack and, of course, the insanely unique