RPG Soapbox: The Genre Distinction

Especially this generation, there has been one gigantic, gaping divide between two different genre philosophies. We know them better as Japanese RPGs and Western RPGs. While they are both technically the same genre, they are so different


A Letter to Gamer Guys

Dear fellas,

Some of you are ruining it for everyone. I think you know who you are. If you know you're not one of these offensive dudes -- and I'm looking at you, fellow game journalists with


BabyGamer: Silent Hill 2

[BabyGamer is an editorial series where our resident young-un', Justin Hutchison, works through his backlog of old games and discusses how much they hold up today.]


News Corp To Acquire UGO Entertainment

News Corp., the corporate news conglomerate owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has recently announced its acquisition of UGO.com, a former competitor of their gaming asset IGN.com. UGO was acquired back in 2007 by


Atlus, We Do Still Like You

There's an interesting conflux of events that happened in the last week or so. First off, the highly anticipated Catherine comes out in Japan. For months, fans of Team Persona, Atlus and Japanese games in general have


Side-Scrollers Will Never Die

As an aficionado of old school games, I hold the side-scrolling genre near and dear to my heart. With each new console generation, developers get more creative with how they handle this genre. I feel that the