Get Free WiFi on Your 3DS at Best Buy

The next time you make your trip up to your local Best Buy to buy the latest censored CD or overpriced HDMI cable or DVD, make sure to bring your 3DS with you as the store has


Gameboy Makes Music, Unplugged

Chiptune music has been an interesting thing to watch develop over the years, going from an obscure hobby to something of a cultural phenomenon. These days making music using a Gameboy is easier than ever before, either


Wii Laptop Is Simply Amazing

Modding game consoles to have a smaller, more portable form is certainly nothing new; and yet I find myself jealous and excited each time I see one. This time it wasn't the infamous Ben Heck making headlines,


The PS3 3D Myth

While some see 3D as a passing fad, I personally believe it is going to add a lot to gaming. That being said, it was not entirely surprising when Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 would be